Jin’s career as an artist began in 1975, in the rigid society of Communist China. In 1989, Jin travelled to London after being invited to lecture at the Chinese Cultural Centre and soon after, started his new art venture – searching, creating and exhibiting. 

It was from here that he began working on his new abstract paintings. He produced a series of three paintings, ‘Break’, ‘Knots’ and ‘Existence’ – all of which reflected the uncertainty he faced in his new life in London. With the eventual reunion of Jin’s family and acceptance from the Western world, he continued to paint with power and emotion, developing a new series of paintings by creating figures from a variety of geometric surfaces and deep vibrant colour. 

Throughout the last decade, Jin's painting has been developed in new style and techniques. His brush strokes became more fluid and less rigid, exuding confidence and strength. The forms of the human body are emphasised with mixed-sex structural compositions, through which, according to Jin, the expression of the power of human spirit radiates through the lines, forms and colour, has also began to increasingly amalgamate traditional Chinese painting brush strokes and materials in his abstract work to emphasise the paradox essay.

Recently, Jin has been working in close liaison with the artists and the Museums in China. He was invited to exhibit his new version of paintings at Ningbo Art Museum together with other Chinese artists after twenty-five years in Britain. Meanwhile, Jin's new five large scales of painting which is involved in China Maritime Museum's permanent collection.